Dealing with distribution staff

Manufacturers who use distributors to take their products to the market also have no control over the staff that performs this important task. For the distributor, the only factor that is of importance is that the product reaches the market. Since the distributor will have workers with differing talents, a manufacturer will have no idea whether his products have been assigned to the most talented personnel. If the manufacturing company was doing the distribution, it would know how to not only recruit but also retain the most useful staff.

The challenges highlighted above are real and could be a real nightmare for a company that does not know how to tackle them. Since the distributor is an independent entity, the manufacturing company cannot dictate terms. The manufacturer cannot decide who gets hired or sacked or even decide the kind of interaction the distributor staff will have with customers.
The only way to make the

anufacturer/distributor meaningful and productive is through partnership. The manufacturer needs to treat the distributor as a partner. The manufacturer should then share any marketing resources he or she has and also provide whatever advice he might have on best practices.

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