The Challenges That Suppliers Face In Managing Distributors and How to Overcome Them

For most suppliers and manufacturers, the task of reaching retailers could consume enormous resources and time and that is why they find it feasible to do this using distributors. The use of distributors makes it possible for a manufacturing company to dedicate its entire efforts to its core business and also makes it possible to produce products in a cost-effective manner.

Great as distributors are, they need to be managed with great care especially in the modern marketplace where consumers are increasingly interacting very closely with brands through social media platforms. What are some of the challenges that the modern supplier faces in managing distributors?

Every modern company knows that it has to interact with consumers if it is going to successfully develop its brand. The moment a company exclusively uses a distributor to reach retailers and consumers, this important link is broken. That is not a matter to be taken lightly when it is remembered that a modern company needs to spare no efforts to find out how the brand is viewed in the market. Customer feedback is priceless and it forms the basis for future product improvements.

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